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Extreme Coatings. Superior Performance.

MesoCoat develops, manufactures, and sells our patented PComP™ materials. We also provide turnkey technical and sample coating services. Our designs have resulted in properties and characteristics that provide value-in-use for both cost and performance.

PComP™ Thermal Spray Coating Materials

PComP™ ceramic-metallic (cermet) thermal spray coatings replace electrolytic hard chrome, electroplating, spray and fuse, and thermal spray carbides. These coatings are easy and fast to apply, finish to tight tolerances on OEM or re-worked components, and can be tailored for HVOF and HVAF systems.

PComP™ T

A microcomposite cermet coating that offers revolutionary performance breakthroughs.

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PComP™ T45

Higher toughness, corrosion-resistant nano-structured titanium cermet materials.

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PComP™ T48

Higher hardness wear-resistant nano-composite cermet with a cobalt based matrix.

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PComP™ M144

Self-lubricating nanocomposite with high toughness, corrosion- and wear-resistance.

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PComP™ W

High toughness, nanocomposite carbide for extreme wear.

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PComP™ W104

Premium high-toughness nano-engineered tungsten carbide-cobaltchrome.

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PComP™ W333

Premium high-toughness nano-engineered tungsten carbide-nickelchrome.

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PComP™ W611

Premium high-toughness nano-engineered tungsten-carbide cobalt.

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