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Plasma Applied Coating For Corrosion Resistance

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MesoCoat Offers New Process for Clad Pipe Manufacturing

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Why Pipes Matter: The Importance of Clad Pipe in the Oil and Gas Industry. CEO Robert Miller of Abakan Inc. Interviewed.

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Innovative metal coating process to reduce corrosion

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Video - Interview with Robert Miller, CEO of Abakan Inc. (OTCQB: ABKI)

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MesoCoat wins first prize in Wall Street Journal’s global Technology Innovation Awards for Manufacturing Technology

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pdfPComP™ wins the 2012 R&D 100 Award

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Abakan's Mesocoat Finding Favor with Majors in the Fight Against Pipeline Corrosion

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Andrew Sherman honored as the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

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U.S. 'dirty oil' imports set to triple

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Composite Coatings

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MesoCoat’s nanocomposite cermet coatings selected as a top
technology for EPNanoNet Oil and Gas industry briefing

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MesoCoat Inc. exclusively licenses transformational surface
engineering technology developed at a National Lab

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MesoCoat Inc. Hires Aerospace Veteran James Chew

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MesoCoat, Inc.’s Hexavalent Chrome Replacement Material
Featured as Army Commercialization Success

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MesoCoat Inc. Executes Space Act Agreement with NASA

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MesoCoat, Inc. Begins Developing Nanocomposite Coatings for Zinc
Pot Rolls that Perform 2-7X Better than Current Materials

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Cheaper, Faster, Better Nanocomposite Material and Fusion Cladding

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National Institute of Standards and Technology funds research
in greener steel coating

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It's All About Jobs

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MesoCoat Inc. wins the 2010 Nortech Innovation Award

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Sen. Brown Announces More than $6.2 Million in Funds
for Manufacturing, Infrastructure R&D Projects

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