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PComP™ M144

High Resistance to Liquid Metal Corrosion
(Patent Pending)

PComP™ M product is a self-lubricating nanocomposite material with high toughness, corrosion- and wear-resistant nanoengineered boride-based ternary and binary ceramic with an adjusted thermal expansion coefficient. This combination provides chemical stability, superior thermal shock resistance, extraordinary high-temperature molten-metal corrosion resistance, and solid lubrication in applications like zinc pot rolls, metal production, metal processing, metal forming, die casting, stamping, forging, etc.

Corrosion- and wear-resistant nano-engineered metal-boride based cermets that also incorporate solid lubricants and surface tension modifiers to provide ultimate wear and corrosion resistance in metal processing applications for both new coatings and repair of existing components in applications like zinc pot (galvanizing) rolls, metal production (die casting, metal forming), metal processing equipment (casting, pumping, flow control) and metal forming equipment (stamping, forging).

The chart at below depicts the performance of PComP™ M liquid metal corrosion coating solution with the currently used solutions. As can be seen in the chart PComP™ M coatings offer at least 6X extended life for coatings, and thus for the components used with liquid metals leading to significant reductions (~70%) in downtime costs.