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PComP™ T

High Toughness, Corrosion-Resistant Nano-Structured Titanium Cermet
Patents: (US 9,376,573)

PComP™ T uses a Titanium Nitride Cermet powder fabricated into a hierarchical structure using a patented process to engineer down to the nanoscale. The nanocomposite core contains nano and near-nano size TiN (Titanium Nitride) particles in a hard, corrosion resistant binder. This core is encased in a protective cladding that minimizes the adverse effects of the HVOF spraying process on the hard particles and assists in formation of a hierarchical coating structure and provides high wear resistance and light weight. This combination results in a high-toughness, ductile-phased toughened structure of high hardness tiles separated by ductile binder laminates. The result is a microcomposite cermet coating that offers revolutionary performance breakthroughs.

The chart below depicts the comparison of PComP™ T with the widely used competing solutions of thermally sprayed tungsten carbide (WC) and electroplated hard chrome. As can be seen in the chart below, PComP™ T outperforms the competing solutions in almost all of the seven critical parameters.