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PComP™ T45

Nominal Chemistry (wt%): TiN -42%Ni-7%Cr

Higher toughness, corrosion-resistant nano-structured titanium cermet materials are highly resilient, machine quickly, have very low friction, and can replace chrome plating and carbides coatings in shaft, seal, plunger, and valve applications. PComP™ T45 can be machined with a standard grinding process, eliminating the need for the expensive diamond grinding process, with buildup rates 2-3 times that of carbides (reducing spray time up to 30%). High build rates and low stress attributes also allow the refurbishment of worn components.

PComP™ T45 coatings replace electroplate hard chrome (EHC) and a less expensive alternative to conventional WC coatings such as Sulzer-Metco Diamalloy®/Woka® and Praxair LW/SDG-2000 series coatings in many industries including aerospace actuators, industrial Equipment, oil & gas down-hole and pump components; and also where EHC plating is being used but requires additional wear resistance or corrosion resistance.