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PComP™ T48

Nominal Chemistry (wt%): TiN – 30%Co-11%Cr-10%Ni-3%Mo

Higher hardness wear-resistant nano-composite cermet with cobalt based matrix provides higher wear resistance than PComP™ T45 when in contact with drilling mud. PComP™ T48 also provides good corrosion resistance. These materials are primarily used in sliding wear applications, especially in environments that contain suspended solids. PComP™ T48 has been shown to perform nearly identically to diamond-like carbon ceramic coatings, but can be applied much thicker (longer life), and cheaper (lower cost) than vapor-deposited materials, while also providing a toughness and resiliency (spallation and cracking resistance) that cannot be matched by ceramic coatings.

PComP™ T48 coatings replace electroplate hard chrome (EHC) and a less expensive alternative to conventional WC coatings such as Sulzer-Metco Diamalloy®/Woka®, Praxair LW/SDG 2000 series coatings and Diamond-Like-Coatings (DLC) in many industries including automotive, industrial equipment, oil and gas down-hole and pump components; and also where EHC plating is being used but requires additional wear resistance and where DLC coating is being used but requires higher ductility.