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PComP™ W104

Nominal Chemistry (wt%): WC – 10%Co – 4%Cr

Premium high toughness nano-engineered tungsten carbide-cobalt-chrome materials; have high deposition efficiency, and 5-7 times the ductility and toughness of conventional, micro-grain carbides. These materials are ideal for use in valve trim and seats on gate valves, sand erosion, and three body wear environments. PComP™ W104 test results from our customers have shown 3-7 times the life in downhole applications over conventional materials; leading to the lowest coating life cycle cost in this segment.

PComP™ W104 coatings replace electroplate hard chrome (EHC) and conventional WC-CoCr coatings such as Sulzer- Metco®5847, Stellite® JK-120 and Praxair LW-45® in many industries including aerospace landing gear, industrial, and oil and gas down-hole and pump components. These coatings have application where WC coatings are being used and additional wear resistance or ductility is required.