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PComP™ W333

Nominal Chemistry (wt%): WC-13%Ni – 3%Cr – 3%Co

Premium high toughness nano-engineered tungsten carbide-nickel- chrome (WC-NiCr) materials; have high deposition efficiency and 5-7 times the ductility and toughness of conventional, micro-grain carbides. These materials are ideal for use in downhole and pump components and three “body wear environments”. Because of its high corrosion resistant matrix, PComP™ W333 is an excellent coating in harsh environments and has shown 3-7X life in downhole applications.

PComP™ W 333 coatings replace electroplate hard chrome (EHC) and conventional WC coatings such as SulzerMetco Woka 3500 in many industries including chemical processing, oil and gas down-hole and pump components. These coatings have application where WC coatings and additional wear resistance or ductility is required.